Padgham and Putland

Established in 1984 by Carl Padgham and Andrew Putland are both graduates from Medway College of Design. In the early years, they worked mainly as outworkers to the established Silver trade. During this time they showed that their craftsmanship in new pieces was of a high standard. During the following years Padgham and Putland built up a loyal relationship with a few trade companies, private societies and individuals. The largest and most prestigious work Padgham and Putland have been involved with was the Church 2000 commission from Bvlgari the Italian jewellers. This was to design and make forty pieces of Church Plate for the Vatican, for a new church, the Dio Padro Misericordioso in Rome, designed by Richard Meier. On completion of the project the partners alongside Nicola Bulgari presented the work to Pope John Paul II in the Vatican.