Inspired 2015

This year we are concentrating on two exhibitions following the continuing success of the collaboration with the Furniture Makers. Many people feel that the collaborative exhibition of contemporary furniture and modern silversmithing continues to break new ground and this year we are also joining up with Clerkenwell Design Week. Inspired 2015 is from 19-23 May 2015 during Clerkenwell Design Week. (19-21 May).

Our first exhibition is again at RHS Wisley in collaboration with Craft in Focus at the Desire Fair 29 April – 4 May.
Our ambition to raise the awareness of modern contemporary British silversmithing to the public is working, with coverage in major magazines and newspapers since our launch in 2008. We are also very pleased about the partnerships being built between makers, dealers and collectors.

We are benefiting hugely from continued sponsorship by the Goldsmiths’ Company, corporate and educational sponsors whose financial help is the backbone of our success. We are planning business courses for silversmiths in 2015 who would like to extend their selling and marketing skills, free of charge.

Through all these efforts Festival of Silver is proud to be a small part of the growing and blossoming ‘renaissance of British silversmithing’.