Gordon Hamme

Gordon Hamme has been in the jewellery trade since he left school in 1974. From that time he worked in jewellery retail companies and later ran his own jewellery manufacturing and retailing company. In 1984 he and his wife started Exchange Findings which grew to become a significant player in the precious metals findings (components), bullion products and tools & machinery supply business. Through this company they became knowledgable about silversmithing and the people in the industry. By the time of its sale to a FTSE 100 company (Cookson PLC), Exchange
Findings had achieved £11 million turnover and employed 35 staff on three sites in London and Birmingham and had become a UK wide distribution company.

Gordon worked for Cookson Precious Metals from 1996-1999 as a markets, products and companies analyst and was instrumental in new projects and company acquisitions.

From 1999 Gordon developed and sold a computer training company and later started J-dex.com a global internet portal for the jewellery and allied industries. From 2001 J-dex magazine has been published monthly to highlight jewellery and silversmithing issues to the industry. In 2008 he rebranded the magazine as ‘The Goldsmith’ which became a leading commentator on the jewellery, watch and silversmithing industries.

Founded with co-director Brett Payne in 2008 British Silver Week has mounted major exhibitions across the UK bringing new silversmithing talent to the attention of the media and public.