The Pearson Silver Foundation in association with British Silver Week announces an exciting new competition for UK based silversmiths.
DESIGN COMPETITION for Olympic Candelabra to celebrate London 2012
PRIZE 1,000
This competition is open to all silversmiths who are working or studying in the UK.

To design either a pair of candelabra or two candelabrum which are en suite, that celebrate the spirit of the Olympic Games.

The design(s) must not feature either the Olympic Games interlocking circles, nor the logo for the 2012 London Games. Instead the design(s) should capture either the Games in a symbolic or abstract way. For example, the design(s) may capture the vitality of the event, aspects of their competitiveness, their international appeal, the diversity of the sports represented or their historic origin. This brief is wide, but we are looking for an original and imaginative design(s), which while inspired by the Olympic Games are not of a commemorative nature.

To give the competition some commercial realism, the pieces must be capable of being made for a sum of 10,000. Entrants should base their calculations on a costing basis of labour at 40 per hour and the price of the metal at 80-pence per gram.

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