British Silver Week exhibiting at Inhorgenta 2011

British Silver Week has been invited by Inhorgenta international trade fair
in Munich to feature 20 of the UK’s best contemporary silversmiths in
February 2011. The silversmiths will include Malcolm Appleby, Steve
Wager, Miriam Hanid, Rebecca Joselyn and Wally Gilbert.

The Inhorgenta international trade fair is held from 25-28 February 2011
in Munich. This premier European trade fair has the renowned ‘new
designers forum’ in its own specially designed exhibition area. Exhibiting
there in 2010, British Silver Week received enquiries from Iceland, Cyprus,
New York, Germany, Austria, France and Israel. We are delighted to be
returning to Inhorgenta as we felt that British silversmithing really stood
out as the highest quality of the exhibition.