The Pearson Silver Collection is devoted to Post War British Silver – ie vintage silver from 1945, together withcontemporary pieces. Therefore it represents the story of British silversmithing from the end of World War II tothe present day.

The Collection has its origins in the mid-1980s. Although it was started in the early 1970s, the interest then wasdomestic items and collectables such as snuff boxes, caddy spoons and the like and the preference was for theantique. However, in 1985 an interest in 20th century British silver developed. When the scope of the field wasfully appreciated, it was decided to concentrate in Post War silver from 1945 to the present day. Other collectionswere disposed of to help finance the acquisition of pieces for what is now the Pearson Silver Collection. Today, itis widely regarded as the largest of its kind in private hands. Currently it is kept in four geographic locations.

In 2009 it was decided to make the Collection accessible to a wider audience by launching a website entirelydevoted to it. In 2010 the site attracted over 190,000 hits. In addition to Showreel Highlights of each decadefrom the 1940s, and Showreel Highlights of the work of Gerald Benney, Stuart Devlin and Christopher Lawrence,the work of each silversmith represented in the Collection also features in the Gallery. The objective of thewebsite is to bring Post War British designer silver, including contemporary pieces, to a wider audience.

The Pearson Silver Foundation aims to give the Collection greater exposure by arranging loans of pieces tomuseums in the UK and possibly overseas.

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