Miriam Hanid
I graduated with a BA Hons in Metalwork and Jewellery in 2007. I then gained great support in refining my design and making practice during the one-year postgraduate course at Bishopsland Workshops. The discovery of chasing and repoussť has allowed me to approach a piece in the same way as a painting. In my work the chasing provides the beginnings of the overall form of the piece. The metal is then shaped on wood as I work from the main focal lines of the patterns. Recently I have been using engraving to compliment the depth in the chased work. Myriad points of engraved light ripple the surface of the pieces to enhance the character of water.
Exhibiting at: De Vroomen
John Higgins Contemporary Silver
Payne & Son Oxford
Reginald Davis (Oxford) Ltd
8th to 27th June
8th June to 31st July

8th to 20th June
9th to 23rd June
Ndidi Ekubia
I am excited by the sensual and rich forms that can be created in metal and believe my nature is reflected through my work. It is a delight to be absorbed in every stage from design to the finished piece. The rhythmic process of making, using hand-raising techniques, can push the metal to its limits and emphasises the fluid vitally of each form.

Exhibiting at:

De Vroomen
Hamilton & Inches

8th to 27th June
8th to 20th June
8th June to 15th July
Email:     www.ndidiekubia.com
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