Stuart Jenkins
Stuart Jenkins creates items of jewellery and silverware, using traditional techniques, but always with an eye to the future. His
works retain the marks and evidence of the hand making process,
also using areas of contrast within a piece, showing the versatile
nature of his chosen material, silver. A recent collaboration with
ceramicist Tony Foard has opened another creative chapter, and
larger scale pieces are beginning to show what can happen when
two contrasting materials are brought together.

Exhibiting at:

Hamilton & Inches -
Palterman & Thomas

7th to 19th June
7th to 21st June
Theresa Nguyen
Full of vigour and tenacity, Theresa works silver sheet into exciting
new forms, capturing softness and fluidity in a seemingly
unmoveable material.

She looks with reverence to the mysteries and surprises of the
natural world.  

The vibrant sense of movement and life radiates gentle waves of energy, which Theresa transfers into her objects in silver.
Exhibiting at: St. Paul's Gallery
Payne & Son
John Higgins Contemporary Silver
De Vroomen
Styles Silver
7th to 27th June
7th to 30th June

7th to 17th June

5th to 30th June
5th to 26th June
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