Sian Matthews
Sian silverware fuses bold decorative patterns with simple minimal forms. Referencing traditional prints, Sian combines both past and present aesthetics in her elegant silver pieces. The silverware focuses on the literal combination of ‘form and decoration’. Patterns are designed to blanket the surface of three-dimensional forms. Elements selected from the signature pattern evolve onto functional aesthetics and part of the physical form of the piece, merging both form and decoration. The silverware is designed to be used, treasured and enjoyed in interiors today.

Exhibiting at:

Palterman & Thomas

7th to 21st June

Steve Wager
Someone once said that “art is not a form of communication but a vehicle for sharing experience between artist and viewer”. My work is rich with layers of artistic expression capable of unlocking repressed or forgotten levels of memory in individuals. For this to happen requires that the individual must be willing to pause long enough not only to look, but also to feel the meaning of my work.
Exhibiting at: Urban Armour
Reginald Davis (Oxford) Ltd
Styles Silver
Jamieson & Carry
7th to 26th June
8th to 30th June
5th to 26th June
13th July to 3rd August
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