Sarah Hutchison
My work encompasses both silversmithing and jewellery. I am passionate about saw piercing metal the work that I have tackled has derived from this passion. I am inspired by the world around me in general, but have a particular interest in the natural world. I work mainly in precious metals which I have explored and experimented with. I love the combination of large areas of silver with details of gold. I also like to explore innovative ways of incorporating stones and pearls with the metal structures both in the silversmithing and jewellery. With my silversmithing I have been developing a new and innovative way of working. That is I carefully pierce cut-out shapes in the sheet metal and then raise the piece. As I raise, the pierced out sections alter and change shape.
Exhibiting at: David Fowkes Jewellery
Catherine Jones Jewellery
26th June to 8th July
1st to 30th June
Sarah Proctor
Sponsored by : Cookson Precious Metal
During my time studying at London Metropolitan University I was inspired to try to make metal take on a different, softer quality, to assume the appearance of flowing lava or satin. The resulting technique I developed results in organic, random patterns within each piece of work. The metal has a very tactile quality and it is extremely satisfying to trace the ribbons of metal as they interlock with one another to form a kind of web.

The method I use does not involve traditional silversmithing techniques, but it does allow me a great deal of flexibility in my work. It is easily adaptable and equally suitable for small pieces of jewellery and much larger items such as a centre piece for a table.

Exhibiting at:

Palterman & Thomas

7th to 21st June
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