Ruth Ball
Captivated by the alchemy of colour and versatility of enamel, Ruth creates a wide variety of work.

Ranging from fine jewels and objects, to unique artworks, her pieces carry an individual style that highlights the potential of enamel as a medium for contemporary design and applied art.

Exhibiting at:

Payne & Son
Gowan Gallery

7th to 30th June
7th to 26th June
Ryan McClean
Sponsored by : Malcolm Appleby

Working with care and passion Ryan produces a wide range of unique and functional objects that excite with imaginative styles and finishes. Some of his work is bold and dynamic and he also creates contemporary designs with sculptured clean lines, offering something for everyone. His work is displayed in some of the most prestigious exhibitions and galleries and amongst the finest private and public collections.
Exhibiting at: Hamilton & Inches
St. Paul's Gallery
Reginald Davis (Oxford) Ltd
John Higgins Contemporary Silver
7th to 19th June
7th to 27th June

8th to 30th June
7th to 17th June
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