Rachel Llewellyn
Bishopsland Silversmith

Exhibiting at:
Styles Silver
5th to 26th June
Contact:     www.rachel-llewellyn.co.uk
Rebecca Joselyn
Rebecca explores the function of the objects she is creating. She is interested in how people interact and handle different objects. Looking at how we use dining to socialize she produces silverware for the table, which can be moved around and displayed in different ways.

A complementary strand of Rebecca’s work shows the interest in unwanted throwaway packaging with its negative impact on our environment. Environmental concerns are topical and in response to this, she has developed a range of contemporary silver tableware as objects for display and use within the home.
Exhibiting at: Palterman & Thomas
John Higgins Contemporary Silver
De Vroomen
David Fowkes Jewellery
Styles Silver
7th to 21st June
7th to 17th June

5th to 30th June
26th June to 8th July
5th to 26th June
Contact:     www.designsinsilver.co.uk
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