Kirsty Eaglesfield
Sponsored by : Cookson Precious Metal
Kirstyís work is inspired by the way the sea weathers and erodes objects changing their form, colour and texture. Tumbled piles of fish crates, old buoys, pieces of sea-washed glass, driftwood and the construction and shapes of boats are all central to her work as a silversmith. Used, worn objects and the way they have been patched-up and repaired, often modified for a use different to the objectís original purpose also inspire her. She works primarily in silver and wood, often incorporating pieces of scavenged, collected flotsam, and enjoys exploring the different ways each material can be worked with, textured, formed and treated to convey a sense of the sea.
Exhibiting at: David Fowkes Jewellery
Styles Silver
26th June to 8th July
5th to 26th June
L J Millington
L.J.Millington are a company of silversmiths based in Birmingham. We design and manufacture a wide range of silverware; we also create pieces from clientís specific designs. Our services include everything from the initial design through all stages of production to the finished article. We practice traditional silversmithing skills using them to produce contemporary sterling silver pieces.
Exhibiting at: Urban Armour
St. Paul's Gallery
Payne & Son
7th to 26th June
7th to 27th June
7th to 30th June
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