Keith Tyssen
For 3 yrs. a student at the Royal College of Art, completing in the 1960’s, Keith Tyssen is still vigorously engaged as a designer & silversmith. He is a founder member of the ABDS (Contemporary British Silversmiths), a Liveryman of the Goldsmiths’ Company and on their makers’ website, and a Liveryman of the Pewterers’ Company.

Exhibiting at:

Urban Armour
Styles Silver

7th to 26th June
5th to 26th June
Kevin Grey
Kevin's aim is to make work where beauty is expressed in simplicity of form, line and volume. Kevin creates unique pieces that use, almost exclusively, laser and TIG welding techniques to join individually hand formed pieces of metal.

  For twenty five years he worked within the luxury automotive industry. Kevin's accumulated knowledge of traditional skills passed on through the trade, coupled with new technologies and production processes, has provided an approach to making that extends beyond and complements the traditions of silversmithing. He won the prestigious Goldsmiths Company Award at the 2010 Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards
Exhibiting at: Payne & Son
John Higgins Contemporary Silver
7th to 30th June
7th to 17th June
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