Esther Lord
Esther’s current work is an exploration of containment and volume, light and surface pattern, used to create unique, handcrafte vessels.

“There is beauty in irregularity, and I seek to express this in my work. The play of light and shadow over angular, folded surfaces, overlapping planes and transposed layers, combined with subtle texturing of the metal, creates dynamism and movement.”
Exhibiting at: De Vroomen
David Fowkes Jewellery
John Higgins Contemporary Silver
5th to 30th June
26th June to 8th July
7th to 17th June
Fred Rich
Fred Rich is well established as one of Britain’s most dynamic and exciting art enamellers, with that rare combination of gifted artist and consummate craftsman. Over the years Fred has created breathtaking pieces, where stunning creativity has pushed technical perfection to its limits. His work attracts a wide circle of discerning collectors, both at home and abroad.

Exhibiting at:

Fred Rich at Barbara Tipple (Mayfair)

2nd to 12th June
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