Charlotte Tollyfield
Sponsored by : Cookson Precious Metal
My work focuses on the process of forming, destroying and re-creating three-dimensionally shaped vessels, allowing me to explore the limits of the material I work with. My current work is designed for the interactive environment of the dining table where the silver is not just on display but also something to be actively used.

Exhibiting at:

David Fowkes Jewellery

26th June to 8th July
Clare Pardoe
Clare’s work is focused on satisfying the senses; the initial appeal of viewing the pieces draws one in to want to touch them. She is particularly interested in the tactility of her designs, how it feels to hold in your hand and experience its form through your fingertips. As they are held their function becomes apparent and the sense of significance and value grows. Her Japanese sake cups and silversmithing pieces take this idea one step further by incorporating the sense of taste.
Exhibiting at: Gowan Gallery
Styles Silver
7th to 26th June
5th to 26th June
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