Andrew Macgowan
Travel is a great provider of inspiration. While in Kyoto, Japan, I
went for a walk through a forest of bamboo. The forest is old and
many of the bamboo are leaning and resting on other trees. I make
a range of useful silverware including,  vases, candlesticks, cups,
and condiments, using the bamboo theme.
Exhibiting at: St. Paul's Gallery
Palterman & Thomas
Payne & Son
Styles Silver
7th to 27th June
7th to 21st June
7th to 30th June
5th to 26th June
Angus McFadyen
Angus McFayden BA (Hons), PhD graduated from Manchester
Polytechnic in 1984 with a degree in three-dimensional design. Since
when he has worked for himself as a silversmith. He has exhibited
frequently at both trade and retail fairs in this country and abroad and
currently works primarily to commission. The emphasis of his work is
on the use of traditional hand-smithing and engraving techniques
which are most suited to one-off pieces and small-scale production.

Exhibiting at:

John Higgins Contemporary

7th to 17th June
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