Abigail Brown
Abigail specialises in a hand raising and sinking technique to create her distinctive contemporary silver vessels and bowls. She has
evolved this traditional form of silversmithing since graduating from Loughborough over several years of professional practice. She has
exhibited both nationally and internationally and has work in private
and public collections. Abigail works to commission and produces
primarily one off pieces for exhibition.

Exhibiting at:

Palterman & Thomas
John Higgins Contemporary Silver

7th to 21st June
7th to 17th June
Contact:     www.abigailbrown.co.uk
Adi Toch
Sponsored by : Cookson Precious Metal
Adi Toch creates engaging and tactile vessels which invite the
observer to touch, play and discover hidden spaces and unexpected
motion. After completing her BA at Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem,
she moved to London to study for an MA at the Cass, London Metropolitan University where she is now an Artist in Residence.
Adi’s work has been exhibited internationally and recent commissions
include three pieces for the Goldsmiths’ Modern Collection.
Exhibiting at: Hamilton & Inches
Payne & Son
John Higgins Contemporary Silver
7th to 19th June
7th to 30th June

7th to 17th June
Contact:     www.uvtoch.com/adi
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