De Vroomen
Celebrating British Silver Week with an exhibition of the
work of seven silversmiths
• Brett Payne
• Clare Ransom
• Miriam Hanid
• Ndidi Ekubia
• Theresa Nguyen
• Wally Gilbert
• William Lee
Date: 8th to 27th June
Contact:  De Vroomen, 59 Elizabeth Street,
               London SW1W 9PP
               020 7730 1901
Fenn & Wager
Celeberating British Silver Week from June 8 to 12, 11am to 12noon and 3pm to 4pm, silversmiths Howard Fenn and Steve Wager will be holding daily silversmithing demonstrations at their workshop near London Bridge Station, when members of the public can drop in and try their hand at silversmithing as well as entering a prize draw to win a silver spoon. Limited edition pieces, specially created by Howard Fenn and Steve Wager for British Silver Week, will be for sale.
• Howard Fenn
• Steve Wager
Date: 8th to 12th June
Contact:  Fenn & Wager, 9G1 The Leathermarket, Weston Street,                London SE1 3ER
               020 73789222                
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